Tata Cara Membuat Cupcake Dengan Mudah

Tata Cara Membuat Cupcake Dengan Mudah - Well it turns processed ice cream can be made with attractive colors, the colors are very bright and charming especially if not purple. This purple color dihasilakan of purple yam ice cream so processed was very interesting to see and enjoy.

Purple yam itself is very good for our bodies because it resep cupcake kukus contains a lot of fiber and nutrients as well. Well if you eat this kind of food you will be very helpful at all in masalaha fiber and you might very easily in digestion, therefore, serve and consume processed in a way to this little one is made into processed ice cream is very soft.

So if you do not like the purple sweet potato when boiled or processed into resep cilok bandung compote or something, perhaps with mixed with like this you will change, which was not like being hooked really. Because it is the result of ice cream produced with the basic material of purple sweet potato is very lembuat, not least with the processed ice cream is very popular and others. If you are curious about the materials and the manufacturing process please follow each step outlined by us.

Clean and peel purple sweet potato that has been prepared, then steamed until soft and puree, set aside
Prepare a container to boil the liquid milk which has been prepared together with a mixture of sugar stir gently stir until dissolved danger
Add the vanilla powder into the boiling milk and a little salt, stir until well mixed all
After the lift and leave the stew to cool
Pour stew into a container containing just now purple sweet potato that has been mashed
Then beat at high speed, can use tools such as mixers or any other ice cream all ingredients are well blended and smooth
Furthermore, pour the beaten earlier results and save them into a container such as a freezer into the cooler, and tungg to build up and hard materials
Purple yam ice cream dish is ready to be enjoyed. sayur asem segar nikmat.

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