Cara Memasak Sayur Asem Segar Nikmat

Cara Memasak Sayur Asem Segar Nikmat - You often see the sweet pumpkin yellow, or perhaps better known as chayote great, it kind of pumpkin can be used as processed snacks or meals are very tasty at all, which is made into compote processed. The compote will be very good if you enjoyed when the fasting month, made takjil, but no less tasty if you serve as a menu of refined compote dish delicious snack or a relaxing moment, because it is very light pumpkin compote to eat not too much filling.

So basically processed this resep sayur asem jakarta time can you serve whenever you want, if you have the desire to make sweet snacks, processed compote this one you should try. Especially when you serve this pumpkin compote with some additional creations from you, let's say you can serve this compote dish with the addition of ice cubes to be compote very fresh, very definitely favors calm and steady when you try. Therefore please try the menu of processed sweet pumpkin compote this now, so you can serve these foods later in the day or night. For the recipe please read below.

Clean the pumpkin or resep nugget sweet pumpkin then cut into large squares according to taste
Clean the pumpkin again conjoined by washing terlebihdulu, set aside
Prepare a pan for boiling ingredients such as brown sugar, coconut, vanilla powder and a pinch of salt until fragrant and the fragrant aroma of brown sugar
Stir all ingredients gently until all the water soluble material dengat
Well now live input pieces of a pumpkin that had been cleaned earlier into the stew ingredients, stirring occasionally
Wait until the cooking water to recede and thickens, and the pumpkin fruit soft start
When it is tender and shrink means preparations ripe compote
and, sweet pumpkin compote is ready to be served for your delicious snacks. batagor dengan bumbu kacang.

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