Bahan Bumbu Batagor Dengan Bumbu Kacang

Bahan Bumbu Batagor Dengan Bumbu Kacang - You know the passion fruit that is yellow and shiny, it feels very kecuc once even fruit acidity was already known by many. So it is suitable at all if we make this fruit cold drinks, surely it will be very special. Well this time we make mengguanakan passion fruit ice ingredients like fruit markisanya own, then passion fruit syrup, and of course the ice cubes as well so that the drink is fresh and cool.

This drink is very well suited if you serve as an atmosphere or a stifling hot day, so that resep batagor bandung it can make a very natural freshness in your body, but not only during the day only can these drinks can be enjoyed whenever you want if you really want to make. It's easy ko make this fresh drinks, and fast too, so you can present this drink whenever you want without the fear of running out of time. Immediately, we'd better look at the recipe and a way of making this passion fruit ice drinks yuk, the recipe is under hand, please be listened to.

prepare a container for mixing resep mie ayam ingredients such as liquid sugar in a container
add passion fruit and passion fruit syrup into sugar mixture before
then input also coconut juice that has been cleaned terlebihdulu into a container which has been prepared
then enter the ice that had been destroyed earlier into all mixed drinks, then adauk until mixed all
fresh passion fruit ice ready to be served.

Done already processed fresh drinks this time, Recipes to Make Sweet Passion Fruit Ice Fresh acid would be very enjoyable at all when you are present in the midst of a very hot atmosphere. Well to dish more delicious passion fruit ice please add new additions such as soda and others, good luck and thank you. donat kentang fast and easy.

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